369pcs 80mm*80mm BGA Reball Stencils + Silver Solder Station

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369pcs, BGA
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Brand NEW
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Taiwan, China
369pcs stencil for ic chip
paypal,TT,Western Union
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Brand Newand Original
3 months
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1-3 Working Days
phone and laptop
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Supply Ability:
2000 Piece/Pieces per Day
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 369pcs 80mm*80mm Repair Template BGA Reball Stencil Model Number

For 0.25MM Soler Ball (1 PCS) For 0.6MM Soler Ball (122 PCS) For 0.76MM Soler Ball (48 PCS)

P4933007 GF-GO6200 0.76General Service (1.27 Distance)

For 0.30MM Soler Ball (10 PCS) G80-100-K1-A2 216-PSZBFA22H

0.30General Service(Distance0.58MM) GO5200 AMD SOKET SI CPU

82801 IUX (AM828001IUX) GO6800-B1 IXP150

AT640 4200GO 941

MT6226/8226 NF-4N-A3/ M1535+

PMB7850 NF-410-N-A3 AM2

850AZYL NF550/NF570 AM3

BD82HM70 NF-G6150-N-A2/NF-G6100-N-A2 478CPU

L-FW643E-2 NF-GO150 479/LE80539//SL6F5

LFXP2-5E 420GO 754CPU

1131S2P1X2 MX440 845GL/845GV

For 0.35MM Soler Ball (11 PCS) HSI-A4 855GM//855GME

0.35General Service(Distance0.65MM) NF 250 82801EB

AC82GS45/ SLB92 FX-GO5200-64M 82801AA

AF82US15W SLGFQ FX5700 82801DBM/82801DB

AC80566/533 FX5900//GO6800LE 82371EB

BD82HM57 NV MCP89M2-A2 0.60 M1671

330-FBGA-1414 GO5700 0.6 FW82815EP

82801HUB NF4-SL1-SPP RG82875

SRO4S-CPU GO 6800/6600 845MP/855PM

MCIMX27VOP4A GF 420GO-32M 630E/630

E78296 01PT12 215RGMDKA13FG 630S

BD82QS67 SLJ4K 218BAPAGA12F 650

For 0.4MM Soler Ball (8PCS) 200M//RS480M 760LV

0.40General Service(Distance0.7MM) 216QTCFBGA13 962

BD82P55 9000 64M//M9-CSP64 K8M800

BD82H61 9000 IGP K8T800

I7-620M 9100 IGP VT82C686B

MCP79U-B2 9200//9600//9700 VT82C694X

MCP89UZ-A3 9600-T2 VN800

K9F2G08ROA-JIBO M6-C16(K6-C16) P4M800

A10 C4062CA24U1 IXP400//IXP450 PN133 (PN133T)

For 0.45MM Soler Ball (18 PCS) X1600/X1650/RV516 AUO-024

0.45General Service(Distance0.78MM) X1800 BCM53242

DDR1 R360 MCP8245RRZU400D

DDR2 RC410MB//AT1200M MPC880

DDR2-2 R480 FLI18532-LF

DDR2-3 215-0716050 T7203

DDR3 RS400 1825-8249

DDR5 215-0718020 1825-0050

82GL40 CLE266 2R39741

AC82P45 C7-M 1825-0177


PVC0019 (PUC-0019) VT8235M BCM3349KPBG

L110IA07 VT8235//VT8237//VT8237A 1825-0427 KF

F2117LP VT8237R (8237R) 1825-0264 KF

I3 VT8237S 320/330/340

DDR3-2 VT8251 Recreational Machines Stencils (46 PCS)

DDR3-3 VX700 XBOX 360CPU 0.6

DDR3-4 KF P4M898 XBOX 360GPU 0.6

18A16GW P4M890/900//CN896//VN896 XBOX 360HANA 0.6

For 0.5MM Soler Ball (68 PCS) PN800 XBOX 360CSP(360 Southbridge) 0.6

0.5General Service(Distance0.8MM) K8M890 XBOX XCPU C-A01

RS690M VT82037R XB360AV 0.6

21514 K8M896 XBOX360GPU-B 0.6

21515//216-0707011//M72-S 648FX XBOX360-KSB X850744-004 0.55

215-0669065 649 PS3-CPU(new model) 0.6

215-0708003 655FX PS3-GPU(old model) 0.6

215-0719090//216-0728014 661FX CPS3 CPU BALL

215-0758000 662 PS3-CXR714120/CXR714123 0.6

215-0735003 671//SIS671DX PS3 CXD2964GB 0.6

216-0728018 756 PS3 CXD2973GB//2976GB 0.6

218-0697010/218-0697014 964L(964) WII GPUAA(new model) 0.6

700M//ATI200M 965L(965) WII GPU(old model) 0.6

RS800ME 968 WII CPU(new model) 0.6

IXP600 307ELV(307) WIICPUB 0.5

SB700/RD700/RD780 N270-1.60GHZ/512/533- SLB73 CXD2949CGB 0.76

IXP460 1828-0206 CXD2972GB 0.6

E350 775CPU CXD2976GB 0.6

X1300-216PQAKA13FG 82801HB CXD2980BGB / CXD29808 0.6

M64-M 82801GBM CXD2992GB 0.6

AMD-CPU 82801HBM CXD7203-15 0.76

RS485M 82801IB CXD9209GB 0.6

215-0807018 82801FBM CXD9799GB (CAD9799GP) 0.76

MCP67MV-A2 82801BA CXD9833GB 0.76

MCP7A-P-B1 82915P CXD1876 0.35

NF-6100-430(NF-6100-N-A2) 989 CXD2981GB

NF-200-SL1-A2 QG5000P CXD4140GG LFBGA-97 0.45

NF-6801-SL1-N-A2 915PM/915GM CXD5148GG LFBGA-64 0.45

NF-7150-6301-A2 X38 (AC82X38) PSP-1/5209 (0.3mm Soler Ball)

GFGO7400-N-A3//GFGO7200 X58 (AC82X58) PSP-2/2975 (0.3mm Soler Ball)

GF104-325-A1 RC82540EM PSP-3 (0.3mm Soler Ball)

G94-300-A1 RG82865PE PSP-4 (0.3mm Soler Ball)

G96-600-A1 LGA1366 PS3-5CPU (0.3mm Soler Ball)

G200-103-B3 LTD2053 PSP-6 (0.3mm Soler Ball)

GF 106-250-KA-A1 BCM5464 PSP-7 (0.3mm Soler Ball)

NF790IU-SLI-N-B1 BCM21000 PSP3-1 (0.3mm Soler Ball)

GF100-030-A3 BCM56639 PSP-MB44C018A (0.3mm Soler Ball)

BR03-N-A3 BCM6368UKPBG PSP-LR38807 (0.3mm Soler Ball)

NF8200 CB6849 833KM3E (0.3mm Soler Ball)

N12P-Q3-A1 0.5 CIZB0003716 L8GV7657 (0.3mm Soler Ball)

G96-309-A1 MT5362BLG PSP-Z7-201A (0.6mm Soler Ball)

G86-631-A2 0.5 MT5363 CXD929GB KF

GF108-876-A1 MT5388 PS3-2 KF

965 MT8202AG General Service(0.25-0.76MM-18 PCS)

QG 82945P//82945GC MT8520 0.5MM 35*35 General Service 0.78Distance

QG 82945PM M1573 A1 0.5MM 40*40 General Service 0.81Distance

QG 82945GMS M1697-AIB 0.55MGeneral Service 1.02Distance

NQ82915GMS MPC8270 0.6MM 24*24 General Service 0.99Distance

LE82PM965//LE82GM965 PW106B-10L 0.6MM 27*27 General Service 0.99Distance

LGA1155 PW218-10L 0.6MM 30*30 General Service 0.99Distance

LGA1156 SAA7117AE 0.6MM 33*33 General Service 0.99Distance

N475CPU TSX188-B1A02-L 0.6MM 41*41 General Service 1.01Distance

E5099 62898C2 0.65MM General Service 1.0Distance

MSPII ///VX800U 62095D2 0.76MM 30*30 General Service 1.27Distance

AR2313A-001 XCI5000 676 0.76MM 33*33 General Service 1.27Distance

AR2414A-001 XC3S1000 0.76MM 34*34 General Service 1.27Distance

RT2571W 1009HAL 0.76MM 37*37 General Service 1.27Distance

CX82310-14 28V3-0001 KF 0.76MM 41*41 General Service 1.27Distance

STi7162 S4LHP01 KF 1.00MM General Service 1.5Distance

S5C2410H11 1822-0724 KF 0.25MM General Service 0.5Distance

S5C2410H L7D2053 KF 0.30MM General Service 0.5Distance

1822-0727 1825-0184 KF 0.35MM General Service 0.6Distance

4732HXF X380 MTK (16 PCS)

5416GGU FG456EGQ-0817 MTK3301

TMS320DM642A2DK 0.6(0.9Distance)(pitch=0.9mm) Universal Stencil MTK6205

FG900 0.6(1.0Distance)(pitch=1.0mm) Universal Stencil MTK6217

CC-06AP8LW 0.6(1.1Distance)(pitch=1.1mm) Universal Stencil MTK6218

VX800 TW2880P MTK6219

VX900 TW2871 MTK6223

For 0.55MM Soler Ball (2 PCS) PM 8172-PC-x 0426-FXS MTK6225

218-0755034 IPHON4 (1 PCS) MTK6226









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